The Black Panther Movie

Below are some videos that go beyond the surface and hype about the new Black Panther movie. Torah4Today does not necessarily agree with everything stated in these videos nor do we agree with their choice of words.


Ben Shapiro talks about the recent ‘Black Panther’ movie permeated with identity politics and the reaction that it’s getting amongst insane white social justice warriors.


Black Panther’s Black Nationalism? Starts at 2:10 – 9:17


For a while now, we’ve seen concepts like diversity, representation, inclusion, etc given as universal positives that not only make something worthy of praise, but, more troubling, above the level of critique. Although we’ve seen it fail in the past in the case of Ghostbusters (2016) and Fantastic Four (2015). it seems Marvel is want to try this tactic again with the upcoming Black Panther film, for which negative reviews were outright banned on Rotten Tomatoes, even after the lifting of the review embargo, under the claim that any less than glowing response is “hate speech”. I discuss this “diversity defense” phenomena, as well the use of the diversity defense in general, as well as the concepts of representation and inclusion in film and media. Are these concepts actually universal positives?




The Truth About the Black Panther Movie by Paul Joseph Watson