Bacon and other pig-sin addictions

There are many sins that are addicting. One of them is eating bacon. People are addicted to it and Christians mistakenly believe that they have a license from Yeshua / “Jesus” to eat it! As you can see below:





Like science? Like this:

Sausages (which includes everything from hot dogs to Slim Jims, bologna and salami), by definition, are processed. When you process meat (which serves to keep it fresh longer, among other things) by smoking, curing, salting it or preserving it via chemicals, you’re loading it up with sodium, and the meat used usually also contains a ton of saturated fat, boosting the fat and cholesterol content into the stratosphere. Not only does sausage contain very little in the way of nutrients, excessive consumption has also been linked to colon cancer.

Bacon may be one of the most delicious foods on earth, but it’s also (unfortunately) horrible for you. Three slices of bacon contains about one-fifth of the suggested daily sodium allowance, but it’s also cured using nitrates and smoke, which can contribute to increased chances of cancer and heart disease. Bacon is also fried in its own fat, which is full of saturated fat and cholesterol.More: If you need bacon in your life, check out these ridiculous bacon products you didn’t know existed.

© Courtesy of The Daily Meal

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