The Great American Sermon

Go into any conservative American Church today and most likely the following is going to be how their sermon goes:

Read a few lines of Scripture for context (even though you need A LOT more for real context)

Tell some short cool, dramatic or humorous story that somehow relates to the Scripture passage to get you interested and listening to the sermon to come!

Give a little background on the passage that was picked up from a few standard commentaries.

Regurgitate the the few lines of Scripture again in the “pastor’s” own words and point out specific things like something related to grammar or history.

Say a few ways to apply that passage to people’s lives (whether it was obvious in the passage or not).

Someone went to Bible College and a Seminary to do the above.

The following is facetious but true …

Anyone can do the above and not have to go to school …

Buy a: Bible (whatever version the majority of the church uses because the majority is always right), 1 conservative commentary (most of them say pretty much the same thing from a Greek Mindset), The Message or Living Bible, and Life Application Bible or just the notes if they sell them separately.

When you read your few verses or passage of Scripture make sure to use the popular Bible translation. Then give the background of the Scriptures you read from your commentary. Now it is time to dumb everything down as if the people in the pews are less intelligent or whatever and re-read the few Scriptures/passage out of the Message or Living Bible. Maybe throw in the meaning of a particular Greek or Hebrew word if it is relevant (your commentary will let you know). Now its time to give everyone their application, just read whatever your Life Application Bible’s notes said about the passage.

Wow great Conservative Christian American Sermon accomplished and you didn’t even have to go to college/seminary!



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