Literal, easy to read, and unbiased: the way Scripture was meant to be read.

The Literal English Version has quite a story behind it. It began as a conversation between two men at a Bible study. This conversation asked a simple question: can I get an English Bible with Hebraic Names, that’s easy to read, literal, and doesn’t contain all the sectarian and doctrinal bias? With that in mind, we set out to create the LEV.

After much hard work and prayer, the LEV, which was originally branded as the Shem Qadosh Version (SQV), is ready to be printed. It began as a search for a “base” translation. A text that we could use to guide us along, yet revise and amend to keep it in line with the four goals (see below). This led us to selecting the World English Bible (WEB). Given its history of being a major revision of the American Standard Version (ASV), this means that the LEV has the scholarship and work of the ASV, plus that of the WEB, plus that which we ourselves invested, to end up with a version that we hope can be used by many people, for generations to come.

There is, presently, a pre-order campaign going for the next 30 days. If we raise $5,000, we will be able to order copies of the LEV (the 2nd Ed. of the SQV) in a black, imitation leather hardcover. You can find out more here:

Please take the time to review the page, and share it with others. Thank you.

Torahis4Today is not directly involved with this Bible translation project but we do own a copy of this Bible and thought we would bring it to your attention. Thanks.



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