Are you guilty of this?


4 thoughts on “Are you guilty of this?

  1. Lover of Israel March 12, 2015 / 12:33 am

    This is a frustration for me. It is a common thing for people in church to tune out truth that is in the same chapters as the ones they claim support their view… which is mostly a cultural moré rather than a pusuit of truth (or else they would listen to scripture and not feel their identity and faith are being attacked).

    Paul wrote in Rom. 7:14 that “the law is spiritual”. A couple verses earlier he tells us “the law is holy, and the commandment is holy and righteous and good.”

    In Rom.3:31 he writes:
    “Do we then nullify the law through faith? May it never be!
    On the contrary, we establish the law.”

    This man who is assumed to be putting the old tired law to bed, followed the law. And he made a display of it when he shaved his head in the temple (nazirite law).

    Loving God’s law means learning what his character is like. It does not mean you are a Pharisee, Judaizer, or a legalist. No flesh will ever be justified or saved by the law. Sorry if I’m ‘preaching to the choir’ or repeating what you’ve said before. I haven’t read much of your blog yet, and I don’t get a lot of support for these kinds of ideas. My brother insists that the law is only there to show us we can’t follow it, and that it is largely arbitrary. Scripture and explanation are to no avail. I can only shake my head.

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  2. hiwaychristian March 19, 2015 / 6:42 am

    I will speak personally, for that is how I have come to understand. There is no question in my soul that Jesus is the fulfillment of the law. That means, as he directs me moment by moment, the law itself is directing me.

    Is it possible that people are confused about this because they had denied the power of God to direct them? Rather than humble obedience, it is like men to search for levels of comparison. Pride loves to compare for the sake of self aggrandizement . Humility compares for the sake of identification that it may serve.

    I don’t know why I feel compelled to respond to all this. I feel a bond in what you were doing here, for in Christ there is no difference between Jew or Gentile. There may be greatest and least in the kingdom of heaven, but I believe those seats are not determined by nationality or pedigree. Christ is All in all. He is the law and he is Grace. He is righteousness and he is mercy. Those who want to make a distinction between any of these do not have Christ interest at heart.

    May God bless your work.
    By His Grace


    • TorahIs4Today March 22, 2015 / 4:29 am

      In Matthew 5:17, Yeshua said He came to fulfill the law. The Greek word for fulfill is PLEROO and should be understood as to fully preach. This means that Yeshua said He came to FULLY PREACH the Law of God. As opposed to most people’s misunderstanding of fulfill as to bring and end to.

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      • hiwaychristian March 22, 2015 / 4:39 am

        So that I do not commit hypocrisy, it would be best if I only preach those things to which I have ability to attain. I rest assured that Jesus is no hypocrite. So I surmise, that if you preach the whole law he also attained to the whole law.

        I hope this is the direction you were headed.

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