Don’t Shave!

The current trend is that beards are cool and fashionable. That is great for all the people who have worn them before they were “cool and fashionable”. Is there a commandment in the Bible to have/wear a beard? No, I don’t see a verse in the Bible that says, “Every man shall have a beard, thus saith Yahweh.” But as you read through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation its seems that everyone had beard except those from pagan unbelieving nations. The length of time from Genesis through Revelation is way to long for someone to say that it was a trend, custom and/or time period thing. So what is it? Yah has made our bodies to function in the world we live in and having a beard is a part of that. Men have been given pores in their faces and hair grows out of them! If we allow Yah ordained things to occur we will be blessed. That being said, when a man has a beard he has: Built in, natural, chemical free, Sun Protection – think cancer protection; Blemish-Free Skin – yeah because Yah didn’t make your face to be scraped all the time with a razor blade; More Masculinity – having a beard is the way Yahweh made men, so if you cut it off you do diminish your masculinity; Natural Moisture – that is the way Yah designed it to work, cut it off and you loss your Elohim/God given natural moisture; Trapped Allergens – again … that is the way Yah designed it to work, cut it off and you loss your Elohim given allergen trapper.

So having a beard should not be considered: Jewish, Middle Eastern, Terrorist, Muslim, Hippie, Mountain man, Redneck, Unprofessional, the list goes on. Having a beard must be a part of what Yahweh said when he formed man from the dust of the Earth (Gen.1:26; 2:7). Therefore, having a beard is not of man or the ways of man but it is of Yahweh our Abba!


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