What to use when studying the Torah

Torahis4Today recommends the following resources to use when studying the Torah, Tanakh, and Brit Chadashah. We don’t necessarily agree with every single thing stated in extra Biblical literature and where people give their own commentary. Personal application: you believe that someone you know tells the truth but you don’t agree with everything they say but you still trust them.

Onkelos Torah
Book of Jasher/Yasher
The Chumash
The Tikkun
Book of Enoch
Midrash Rabbah
Artscroll Siddur
Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology by Jeffrey Niehaus
Essential Papers on Israel and the Ancient Near East (article by Moshe Weinfeld)
Treaty of the Great King by Meredith Kline
Ancient Near Eastern Texts: by Pritchard
The Encyclopedia of Talmudic Sages by Gershom Bader
Background of Early Christianity 3rd Edition by Everett Ferguson


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