Who is your Father?

My Heavenly Father’s Name is Yahweh [spellings vary] (Psalm 68:4; Isaiah 42:8; Jeremiah 16:21). Yahweh is His Name forever, and is the verb of existence (Exodus 3:14-15; Isaiah 63:12). He is the Supreme Ruler over everything. Worship is to be directed toward Him and He is to be venerated above all (Exodus 20:5, Deuteronomy, 6:4, 13, 2 Kings 17:36, Psalm 99:9, Matthew 4:10). We are commanded to use and revere Yahweh’s name (Exodus 20:7, Leviticus 22:2, Deuteronomy 28:58, Psalm 105:1, Isaiah 52:6, Matthew 6:9, John 17:26). He is the one true Elohim/God, eternally existent and that He is Echad/One, that is, a composite unity who revealed Himself to man as: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Gen. 1:1-24; Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 44:6, 45:22; Zechariah 14:9; Mark 12:29; I Corinthians 8:4; Rev. 21:1-7).

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