What the Church never told me! Part 4

The Pauline Paradox – Part 1: Is the Majority Ever Wrong? – 119 Ministries
Uploaded on Aug 1, 2011

If the law of God has not changed, then how could so many people be wrong, and for so long? Is that even possible? Does it even make sense to question established mainstream theology and test it to the Word of God? In this teaching, we answer such questions, and introduce the first video in The Pauline Paradox Series.

What the Church never told me! Part 2

Uploaded on Mar 5, 2011

So many read Acts 10 and say “There you have it. All things are now clean for food.” Little do they now that this text has NOTHING to do with food. This video is a “Must see” for anyone who thinks Acts 10 is about God redefining His dietary instructions.

The Unanswerable Questions – 119 Ministries

Uploaded on Dec 26, 2011

In a total of (about)10 minutes, you will be presented with a total of 25 questions exposing the theological error that teaches that the Law of God has changed from anything that Moses wrote, and what our Savior practiced. Test yourself, and test your faith. Embark on a journey that concludes with the joyful freedom of the whole Word of God still being true. This teaching will move fast, so pause and compare against your Bible as necessary.

Every Word – 119 Ministries

A quick thought on Matthew 4:4